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Roundabout Videos

The videos are of the roundabout situated at the junction of the A327 and the B3270 roads in Reading. Commonly called the ‘Blackboy’ roundabout due the local pub! They show a route around the roundabout using correct lanes and signalling.

It is important that on ALL roundabouts you approach at the correct speed giving you time to look at and decide the appropiate route to take. You should look for Directional signs, Lane signs, Speed limits and any other relevant information. It is important to use your mirrors and correct signal at all times, whilst approaching, negotiating and leaving the roundabout. If in doubt, SLOW DOWN !

Most large roundabouts have lane markings and some have smaller dotted white lines as well showing how to join the roundabout (its like a childs book, join the dots!). These roundabouts offer the ability to change lanes WITHOUT crossing white lines. It is important that you see these early and choose correctly without late ‘swerving’ ! Try and spot these on the videos (there are 2 on V1 & 1 on V2)

There are other ways to negotiate these roudabouts that are perfectly acceptable, but remember once you have left a roundabout you will be expected to get back into the inside lane of any dual carriageway as early and safely as possible.

Nb When viewing these videos, use the pause buttons at various places and try and spot the signs, lane choices etc.

Lower Early Way West to Shinfield Road

Shinfield Road to Whitley Wood Lane
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